Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thing #20 - Adding Videos

Well, I'm giving up on this one. I've just spent two hours on a Saturday morning trying to upload videos from You Tube and Teacher Tube to my blog with no success, and they were two really good ones. I've copied down then names and if anyone can help me do this, I'll edit this post and add them. I need to move on to other things - I can't sit here all day on a Saturday - the rest of my life calls. This could be such a great resource for teachers and students, but at this point it's not working. I hope others are more successful. I'll try again at another point. Neither video would load. I've printed out the directions, copied, pasted, with no results. Frustrated hardly describes this!


VWB said...

the embedding is a tad more difficult...on the right side you will see some code identified for various resources and Blogger is one of them. You copy that code and go to your Post box (where you g oto write about each thing) the tab that says Edit Html (normally it is in compose)and paste the code. be sure and publsih!

the simple thing you can do...
copy the address (url) for the particular should also be on the right side and then paste that into your post. that allows us to click and view the video from their site.

the other allows the video to play thru your post in your blog!

please try many good videos, you will want to know how to make them avalable!

LauraAnn said...

Kathy, I am glad for your question and VWB's answer - I tried to add a Seinfeld clip to my blog w/ no success, but thanks to your question we now have the answer... I hope!

Infomaniac said...

I hate to say it, Kathy, but you made my day because I thought I was the only one having trouble. I have been trying to sign up for You Tube for 2 hours and keep getting the message that I am ineligible. I have tried everything. My husband (who is great with technology) even tried to help me. We have had no success. I have yet to try to embed a video. I am so discouraged. But like vwb said, "try again." And I will. When you return to school, I bet your students will be able to show you. I have a bunch of things I had trouble with, and I plan to ask some of my students for help. It's worth a try.

LauraAnn said...

Here is some added information that might help: the code that she refers to "on the right side" is actually in a fairly substantial box that gives the name of the video, details about its creator and web address. It almost looks like another video.

In fact, that is exactly what I thought it was: a different video. But it is not...

So, to clarify. The code is not right there with the video that is playing. (The one with the controls: play, pause, etc.) There is a big box to the right of that video that contains the details that you need. Within that box is the code Vaughn refers to, and it is usually highlighted in yellow.

Copy that code (edit, copy), go to your blog, open a new post, and click on the tab at the top that says "edit html", and paste the copied code there. Then hit the preview button and see if it works.

It took me a couple of days to figure this out. Talk about feeling old and out-of-touch!