Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thing #15

Fascinating insights on the library of the future. Will it even be called a library? Will there even be a building called a library? Our revamped Houston Public Library is certainly moving toward the new idea of a library, but I think there will be amazing changes in the physical aspect of them in the very near future.
The thought that creating large collections of books will be almost unnecessary is certainly an idea that will require some thought for one who loves libraries with all of that wonderful reading material that can be held in my hand - I do love the actual page turning. However, if we want students to have the best and most current information, a book published in 1995 that sits on a library shelf is hardly the best material available. What does Library 2.0 mean for all of us? A huge new world of infomation and as one of the essays said, "conversations". Then thinking ahead to the Library 3.0 --- endless opporutnities!

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