Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thing #7

A mishmash of information at this point. I loved the Google tools - I've already used Google Earth numerous times, and was slightly familiar with Google calendar; what a great tool to keep any group organized and informed. I like the Google Notebook and think that could have real value for students. I plan to practice with it more to become more comfortable using it. I've been asked to post the mosaic I made, and here it is! It worked! I just browsed some photos we finally took out of the camera of our son; he doesn't yet know he's a blog star! I was also asked about the flute in my avatar. Music is my "other life." My primary instrument is piano, but I played flute/piccolo all the way through college marching band/concert, met my husband in college band (UT) and both kids have been/are part of their college marching/concert bands (one TTU, one UT), so we're all involved in music. Yes, I still play - but I play more keyboard (piano/organ) than flute. I'd like to go back to serious music study - either keyboard or flute - and have that on my agenda, maybe even starting this fall!! I miss the discipline of practice.

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