Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thing #7 - TV Sources

What fun this one was. I spent far too much time just sampling all of the opportunities. Hulu was a blast, and you could spend hours exploring Blinkx. I didn't complete a video, but I think that there are endless ways to pull from the National Archives Videos and the stills and create your own videos for your own classroom. I found several stills about Civil Rights that would be great additions to reading the "Letter from Birmingham" or To Kill a Mockingbird. The PBS American Masters series has a video about Garrison Keillor, the host of Prairie Home Companion, on NPR (Garrison Keillor, the Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes). He is such an excellent wordsmith, that sections of this video could be incorporated into lessons on the personal essay. Having students see how Keillor puts together the radio show, how the show depends on the written word, and then listen to Keillor read from his work, would be an excellent way to have them hear works in the author's voice. Another PBS video that could be used to supplement any Shakespeare study is the Great Performances video of King Lear. There are any number of ways that this play could be used in conjunction with other Shakespearean tragedies.
With these video sites, using video in almost any lesson is a reality - the options are endless.

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