Wednesday, August 5, 2009

#11 Digital Citizenship

This one was interesting and something that I think many of us just don't think about - we just find something, or a website and off we go, using/creating. The references on the site were helpful, easy to read, and would be excellent for discussion among adult educators as we use more and more digital information in teaching and learning. We also need to make digital citizenship part of the beginning of every school year as a reminder to our students about their responsibilities.
In a lesson for students I would probably stress the topics of intellectual property (it doesn't hurt that we have an IP lawyer friend who is always reminding me about that in terms of educational use!), safe sites for students, and protecting their security on the web. For older students I might use some of the websites listed, such as the Digiteen, but I mostly chose ones for adult educators.
These are the sites listed that I'm considering sending to our faculty as reminders to be a good digital citizens as we start the year.
Under the Ning - the digital citizenship sites were helpful and the Internet Safety sites (especially the Beginners' Guide) were good.
The I-Safe factsheet would be a good starting point in planning any lesson.

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