Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thing #6 - iTouch Apps

Because we use a different cell phone provider and don't have an iTouch at home, this Thing was a bit more difficult. I did go to an Apple store and play with an iTouch, and they are very simple to use. However, the links on the Library2Play were quite helpful reading before testing the iTouch.
I did notice that any educational free apps were rather far down the list of the top 100, but I did like the fact that Paper Toss was #14! There are some great apps available that could be a huge benefit to students such as the calculators, the formula app (very cool), of course all of the maps, and my favorite, Classics, which had so many book titles available. Think how great that would be in an English class - a student could have access to more than one title, and not have to worry about hauling the book around.
In terms of group usage in the library, I could see the iTouch being used like an almost limitless "card catalog" by students almost anywhere and students could also work on projects/presentations in groups and have access to a huge variety of media and up-to-date information.
I think there are a wide variety of apps that could benefit all of our students, but like everything else, teachers and parents still have to make sure that students are on task, and making the best use of a great tool.

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