Wednesday, August 5, 2009

#11.5 Evaluation

Another fun experience - sometimes frustrating, but never dull. I found that working with a "Thing", taking notes on it, then blogging more than one at a time worked for me. I guess I need the think time, review time, try again opportunities, and the process time for these; and with my schedule this summer, it was a little more catch as catch can than last year, but that's the beauty of this format.
1. Favorite discoveries -
Wordle - just because it was fun.
280 Slides - there are so many possibilities for use with this.
Screencasting - again, so many possibilities; I'll have to try another one and see if its server is as slow as GoView.
2. Life-long learning goals - I have to keep up! Life-long learning is essential. Things are changing at such a rapid pace, that you can't stop for a minute, or you'll be left behind. That was brought home by my 24 year old son, who, when I was showing him some of the "Things" said, "Man, I've only been out of college for 2 years, and I'm already way behind." He's right.
3. Unexpected outcomes - how easy most of the Things are. It seems that even in just one year, most of these sites are being created for average users. Maybe I'm just a little more comfortable with them, but there were very few times when I found the directions, etc. confusing. Less intimidating sites will encourage more teachers to explore.
4. Changes - I can't think of any. The variety was great, and there's a practical application for all of them. Thanks for including the digital citizenship - a good reminder for all of us.

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