Wednesday, August 5, 2009

#8 Screencast

After looking at the choices, I chose GoView - and it was really simple. Interestingly enough, in small print it talks about how it's currently free and how they want feedback during this "beta" period, which makes me think it might not be free forever. I liked it, and if it's not going to be free all the time, check it out now.

However - word of caution - and this may be the huge drawback to GoView.

Their server seems to be very busy. It took almost 2 hours of wait time to view and edit my screencast because it kept telling me that the server was busy, and to check back later. My screencast could use more editing, but I wanted to post it in its first form. I did notice that the sound quality was not as good using the internal microphone because with my computer docked, the mic doesn't pick up quite as well. Next time, I'll try an external mic.

I plan to work on this screencast about updating records with SBEC and send it out to the faculty - it will save time during inservice before school starts.

This could be a great way for teachers to post information or directions on their website so that students would have it available anytime. It could save classtime for other projects. This could be used in so many ways. I need to practice, but this could be loads of fun for teachers and students.

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