Monday, February 20, 2012

11 Tools #4 Google Apps

1. Create at least one document in Google Docs and share it with a few others on your campus or within your department. It could a team member, a department colleague, or another teacher with whom you plan a collaboration. Ask that person to comment or chat and real-time edit the document with you.
We can use Google Docs to easily create/edit materials for the freshman class.
2. Create one form in Google Docs and send it via email to at least two other people and ask them to respond.
I started a very brief, very rough freshman survey; might just work on it with the rest of the freshman office for sometime during the spring.
3. Briefly discuss how you can use the tools in Google Apps with your team or department. How can you incorporate Google Apps as a tool in your classroom? Which tools are you excited about using with students?
Google Docs can be used with anyone to create and edit materials easily. Google Forms are just as user friendly; Google + and Gmail are also easy to use and have applications that teachers can use to share material and information.

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