Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thing #21 Podcasts/Vidcasts

After much confusion, and several tries with the internal and an external microphone - here it is - my first podcast. Warning - they are vacation pictures! We met our daughter who had been in summer school at the University of Cadiz, then had ten wonderful days in the south of Spain. I hope it works, and I haven't given up on downloading YouTube, but it will have to wait, as some other things have crowded in on it. With more practice, this could be lots of fun for kids - and teachers, too!

I hope you enjoy Postcards from Spain.

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VWB said...

lovey postcards..beautiful photos! felt like I got to go along on a nice trip! the mountain views were my favorites although the photo of the small boats "beached" was quite intriguing.

what a nice memory you created of what I assume was a special memory for your family.