Thursday, June 11, 2009

#2 - Image Generators

Wordle was fun to play with; at first I didn't use enough text, but I can see how kids and teachers would thoroughly enjoy using it. What an attention grabber it could be at the beginning of a lesson. Voki was fun, except that it told me my password was wrong when I tried to sign in again. Bookr was a blast. I can see how students would really enjoy using Bookr as an alternative to standard written assignments. It would also be a great way to do a lab write up in a science class. Of course, kids would love Voki - it's almost like a quick little "tweet" that could be attached to email and changed on a daily basis.

Here's a Wordle example for summer.

Wordle: summer

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VWB said...

how about an example or two...maybe a voki with a message about something or a little bookr on something or...